A community and neighborhood club, Mediterranean Gardens Women’s Club donated 25 holidays wreaths to senior citizens living at the Brookdale Lake Highlands Senior Living Center on Dec. 1.

“We just want to reach out to the community, but it was a great evening,” member Connie Kuntzman says. “The wreaths were absolutely beautiful, we had a good time making them.”

Different people in the neighborhood told members of the club about loved ones in the retirement center so that they could receive a wreath.

The Mediterranean Gardens Women’s Club started 55 years ago, they have monthly events from September to May.

“We do support our fire department, we have purchased two leather lounge chairs, tilt back chairs for them,” Kuntzman says. “We donate food up there to them periodically, we have a fourth of July parade for the children and a big fourth of July picnic for the neighborhood.”

The only requirement to join the club is that you must reside in the Mediterranean Gardens neighborhood. If you’re interested, contact Connie Kuntzman at 651-336-5238.