Photo by Danny Fulgencio

What do social work and plant styling have in common?

Neighbor Becky Sulton says they coincide for her new business, Freshly Becky, plant consultation and interior plant styling.

“When I worked in psychiatric hospitals, you would talk to the client, and you would find out about their lifestyle and what they were missing, what they needed, what they wanted, and then you would help them get that,” Sulton says. “It’s kind of the same thing when I go in and do a plant consultation for someone.”

Sultan fell in love with houseplants because they clean the air and reduce stress. They can make any room feel more like home, and it’s rewarding to see them thrive from your care, she says.

When she began hosting open houses to sell her potted plants, customers would often say, “Oh I love plants, but I always kill them,” so began her consultation career.

Find her plants in local stores such as The Store in Lake Highlands and White Rock Soap Gallery.

On the trendiness of plants: Plants are becoming more and more popular, coming back into style, and there’s so many different varieties out there and it just brings something that’s missing into your house. 

Why she loves Lake Highlands: The community is just so great and supporting of local businesses. They would rather buy something that would help you, as a mom, as a woman, as a business owner than going to a big box store.

How she balances running a small business and raising two kids, Cooper, 5, and Graham, 3: My kids have grown up with the plants in the house and plants around. They are always with me planting and helping me put rocks in the pots.

The time a client asked her to come over to repot a plant: When I get over there, I realize it’s about a 10-foot-tall tree. The picture was very misleading. I had to somehow get it out of her house, and it was a circus. Her three kids, she and I were all trying to get the tree out of the house so that I could replant it.

Check out her instagram @FreshlyBecky to see her latest projects.

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