A view of the lap pool at Lake Highlands North Family Aquatic Center. (Photo by Katie Pohlman)

The new Lake Highlands North “aquatics center” opened June 1, and it closed for the season Sunday, along with all of the city’s pools.

It was only open for two and a half months.

Why would the city debut a $5-million pool just to close it after 10 weeks? It’s still 100 degrees outside, after all.

The pool season coincides with school schedules. The city’s pools normally open after the last day of school and close before it starts again. This year, they were open June 1-Aug. 11.

Park Board member Barbara Barbee says that’s because most of the lifeguards are students.

“I have been trying to get extended hours for the Dallas pools for six years now,” she says. “As far as I”m concerned the pools should open in April and close in November.”

But the parks and recreation department would have to hire lifeguards who aren’t in school.

If you want pools open later into the year, Barbee suggests “putting pressure on the park department.” Here’s how to contact them.