The Camp interactive theme changes every few months; the current theme at the NYC location is Cooking Camp.

Camp, a “family experience store,” is opening its first Texas location at The Hill shopping center.

Inside Camp are interactive displays where children can play with merchandise while parents shop.

The displays have rotating themes and include craft classes such as slime making and sushi candy. The store also features plays and musical performances in a dance hall and theater.

At 13,000 square feet, the Dallas Camp store will be 3,000 square feet larger than the New York store and will face The Hill’s tree-shaded interior park according to the Dallas Morning News.

Camp also provides monthly memberships, which include free activities, Camp swag and even date-night drop-off. Certified caretakers will organize field trips or in-store activities for children while parents can tend to other things.

“We don’t think about things in relation to basic retail,” Chief Executive Officer Ben Kaufman told Bloomberg. “We think about it in terms of how it can serve families.”

Camp is expected to open in October at the northeast corner of Walnut Hill Lane and North Central Expressway.