As the school year comes to an end, the Dallas Academy announced its new Head of School.

With the departure of Dr. John Hill, the Dallas Academy was in need of someone with the leadership and experience to take on this position. It looks like they found the perfect match: Elizabeth Murski.

Murski has worked at the Dallas Academy since 2005 and has

Elizabeth Murski

been involved in several school-wide programs, including Olweus Bullying Prevention Program and STARRS, a program that focuses on character development. On top of that, Murski has shown great commitment to implementing and promoting intellectual inquiry and character development at Dallas Academy. Moreover she is driven to building environments that emphasize the students as individuals and to achieve the standards that they are capable of.

“Dallas Academy is confident that Ms. Murski will continue to provide a safe environment for our students to attain their highest level of academic, social and emotional achievement while offering hope to children and families impacted by learning differences,” Board of Trustees chairman Terrence Welch said.

Above all, Murski has shown that she is capable of upholding the mission statement and helping create a small and safe environment for the students. This is a new chapter for the Dallas Academy and everyone is anxious to see what it holds.