Scooters at LHHS

Lake Highlands High School junior Sydney Holmes earned an award in the category of news reporting at the Dallas Morning News High School Journalism Competition this week. The contest drew hundreds of entries from student journalists from all over Dallas, competing in sports reporting, photography, feature writing, video and other categories. Professional DMN journalists judged the entries and invited the kids to attend workshops and enjoy lunch at DMN offices. More than 300 students from 44 schools participated.

Holmes, who plays on the Lady Wildcat volleyball team, wrote in Lake Highlands High’s newspaper, The Fang, about the recent school purchase of scooters to help administrators and teachers move about school hallways. Although the scooters are designed to improve safety and efficiency, Holmes wrote, some students feel they weren’t a smart purchase.

“The scooters are only able to get so far because they can’t go up or down the stairs, and it is difficult to get them in and out of the building,” Valerie McNamara told her. “I also know multiple people who have gotten bumped by the scooters in the hallway with no apology. So if anything they are a hazard to have them.”

“We have a building that is literally over 500,000 square feet,” said Principal Joshua Delich, “and because of the large size of it, the scooters allow us to get to areas of the building. During the passing periods and lunches we are able to get on the scooters and get kids to class.”

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