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Today’s modern kitchens are
different from those of our childhood.

No longer is a kitchen an isolated, monochromatic workhorse. These days, open-concept floor plans focus on colorful kitchens as extended family rooms, entertaining and gathering spots, and aesthetically pleasing living room extensions.

Whether you’re renovating or building from the ground up, assessing your new kitchen’s usability and enjoyability are important considerations. You’ll also want to keep in mind future resale and what a potential buyer could love about your home.

Just ask Morris Wells, one of the owners of local appliance supplier Jarrell Company. Wells says it’s important to think about space, budget and needs-versus-wants when helping neighborhood homeowners select new kitchen appliances.

Wells says today’s hot kitchen trends include:

  • Drawer microwaves that save counter/cabinet space and are reachable at anyone’s height
  • Column refrigerators that can be separate from column freezers, allowing extra space for wish-list items, such as built-in coffee systems
  • Open-faced hearth ovens that serve as pizza makers and conventional ovens
  • Ovens with French doors that help conserve space in narrow or galley kitchens

The Jarrell Company has served our neighborhood since 1964 with high-quality appliances, plumbing fixtures and decorative hardware. At Jarrell Company, homeowners can work directly with one of the owners — not a random salesperson. And since they’re local, any issue receives immediate attention, even if it means a quick trip to your home to resolve it.

Bella Vista’s close partnership with Jarrell Company makes the process easier and the final product even more beautiful and functional.

A shared dedication to customer service and satisfaction makes Jarrell Company and Bella Vista the perfect team. These two neighborhood partners have worked together to provide trusted solutions from design to completion for many happy homeowners in East Dallas.

Bella Vista Company’s “we design until you’re happy” approach means that clients’ needs and preferences – from budgetary to space concerns – are always top of mind when designing and building kitchens
or homes.

And their close partnership with Jarrell Company makes the process easier and the final product even more beautiful and functional, allowing for a turnkey, grief-free experience.

“None of the big-box guys can deliver what the owners at Jarrell Company deliver for our projects,” says Bella Vista partner Sara Haley. “Jarrell’s owners are like us: They have a vested interest in every one of our projects. Our goal is to make clients happy and proud of their kitchen.”

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8989 Garland Road

Is it time to turn up the heat and get out of your old kitchen? The teams at Bella Vista Company and Jarrell Company are here to help you get started on your dream kitchen.

The Jarrell Company, 2651 Fondren Drive