The White Rock Farmers Market returns Saturday from a winter hiatus with plenty of fresh produce that will be more affordable for low-income families through a double dollar incentive program, market organizers said.

The “Eating Local is a SNAP” program encourages Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program users to purchase more nutritional food at the farmers market by matching up to $20 in benefits for fresh fruits and vegetables.

“If somebody comes to the market with $20, we’ll give them $40 to spend on fruits and vegetables,” market manager Casey Cutler said. “It’s a win-win because we’re giving more money to low-income families, and the money ends up in the hands of our farmers.”

Funding for the program comes from a $60,000 grant from the Moody Foundation in Houston, one of several cities where double dollar incentives exist. Although many Dallas markets have SNAP programs, Cutler said the White Rock market is the only one with a double dollar matching program.

“Eating Local is a SNAP” is essentially a pilot program to gather data so market organizers can apply for a larger U.S. Department of Agriculture grant in the future. With additional funds, Cutler said she would like to see the program expand to markets across the state.

“The value of eating local is so beneficial to health,” she said. “We want to support local farmers and improve the overall health of the community. Texas could be the biggest and the best. We just have to get there.”