Medical City features ‘smart, funny’ Sadie Bono

Sadie Bono

If you pop in to Medical City this week to visit a sick friend or have a procedure done, don’t be surprised to see a familiar face on printed materials and digital screens. Sadie Bono, a Moss Haven fourth-grader, was featured in the Medical City Children’s Hospital “Friday Patient Spotlight,” and her charming enthusiasm practically bursts off the screen.

Sadie was born with Pfeiffer Syndrome, a genetic craniofacial disorder which causes the skull to fuse prematurely in the womb and the face and head to grow irregularly. Sadie has endured countless surgeries to make room for growth in her brain and allow breathing on her own.

Today, the hospital shares proudly, “Sadie is a smart, funny nine-year-old who sings constantly, dances her way through life, plays soccer and loves hanging out with her friends.”

Sadie’s mom, Debbie, has joined the MCCH team as a registered nurse in their Pediatric ICU. Her dad, Justin, is president of the RISD school board. The family has been active raising money for the Children’s Craniofacial Association, which supports children like Sadie and educates others.

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