The barn on Goforth in the 1970s. Photo by Doug Tomlinson.

Have an extra $1.2 million lying around? You could be the proud owner of Lake Highlands’ favorite dilapidated old barn. The property, sometimes called “Dixie Hill” or “the Goforth place,” includes 1.11 acres at 7921 Goforth Road where generations of LHers have kept horses and taken photos before LHHS Barn Dance. If you want to snap a selfie, though, you’d better hurry. The property sits in the coveted White Rock Elementary attendance zone, and new buyers are likely to subdivide and raise McMansions.

When news of property’s status went up on Facebook, Lake Highlands oldtimers took a moment to grieve the neighborhood’s loss.

“Nnnooooo,” wrote Caitlin Hope Wright. “I lived right next to that barn and frequently sat on my front porch, drinking coffee and watching the horses run in the field along White Rock Trail.”

“Oh, this is so sad,” agreed Katie Housholder Badger, LHHS graduate and teacher at Merriman Park Elementary.

“My sister Anya [Stepcick Lucas] and I have been taking care of our mom and have moved her to memory care,” explained Kirsten Stepcick Howard, whose family has owned the property since the 1970s. “She loves this barn, but now we are focusing on her, and unfortunately it’s time to let go. It was a great backdrop for so many memories. My sister and I are thankful our mom had the tenacity to take care of it all these years.”

“That barn, along with the stone house next door, was owned by my grandfather, Campbell Goforth,” wrote Teresa Goforth, a recent attendee at the 50th reunion of her LHHS Class of 1968. “He gave it to his nephew, Luther Goforth, as a wedding present in the 1930-1940s. Luther fell asleep in bed smoking in about 1956 and died in the front room. I remember going over there with my dad when he got the call about the fire and finding his body. It stayed in the family a few years after, then sold in the 60s.”

If you’d like more information about the property, you can contact Mary Beth Harrison at Keller Williams, 214-535-8377.

Photo by Marshal Reinhart

The barn on Goforth, and surrounding 1.11 acres, is officially for sale.