White Rock Dads help kids “Hug the Police”

Officer Bervin Smith makes a new friend at WRE

The White Rock Dads’ Club celebrated the last day of school today by presenting a check to Dallas Police of the nearby Northeast Division. The group sold “Hug the Police” T-shirts to students and parents, and $2,000 was raised for the effort.

Officer Bervin Smith was on hand to receive the funds and answer questions from enthralled children.

The Dads’ Club leads fundraisers throughout the year in support of school needs and hosts events such as the recent Turkey Dash and WREck the Night, a campout on school grounds. They organize the daily carpool routine to keep children safe exiting vehicles.

Smith accepted the funds with gratitude, noting that WRE families and all of Lake Highlands has been especially supportive during the weeks following the shooting of officers Rogelio Santander and Crystal Almeida. Santander died of his wounds, and Almeida is recovering from gunshots to her face. Home Depot employee Scott Painter also was shot and is recovering.

The DPD is hosting a BBQ fundraiser tomorrow/Friday to support Almeida, Painter and the family of Santander. You can learn more here.

Dads’ Club Co-President Mark Gray, Josh Northam, Officer Bervin Smith, Dad’s Club Co-President Scott Woodard, Kris Hill

Dads’ Club’s Billy Dorsey helps kids raise the flag for the last time this school year

Telling Officer Smith a story

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