Lake Highlands High special education hosts inaugural Wildcat Olympics

Competitors at the Wildcat Olympics

Special education students at Lake Highlands High hosted their first Wildcat Olympics on the school’s B Field Wednesday, with the Lake Highlands Highlandettes and the Wildcat Marching Band cheering athletes from the stands.

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“I think it was incredible for the kids,” said Lori Impastato, LHHS speech therapist. “They got to have fanfare from the band, the Highlandettes, their teachers, their peers. I just really think it made them feel included.”

Some more abled students competed at full-tilt while others required great aid, but all seemed to enjoy being outside in the sunshine. Football players and other athletes and students whooped from the bleachers while yearbook photographers captured competitors’ reactions.

“They each got to participate at their full potential, which made each one of them feel special,” said Impastato. “It meant everything to these kids. They were included just like every other student in the school, and that was our goal.”

The event is just hours old, but plans to repeat are already in the works.

“After the huge success of today,” said Impastato, “this will probably, hopefully, be an annual event.”

Sosna led the singing of the National Anthem at the Wildcat Olympics

High five: Every student was a winner at the Wildcat Olympics

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