Never mind the rumblings that 2017 would be Hoops in the Highlands’ last year. The uncommonly cold weather didn’t stop teams and spectators alike from participating in the  event, which neighborhood schools have hosted since 2004.

We asked readers for their favorite photos of the event, from students bundled up in between games to action shots on the court. Here are a few of the highlights.

Zion Massingill, Benicia Arizmendi, Aiden Bkaich, Koji Wilson and coach Gabriel Arizmendi pause for a photo op.

Sarah Manning dribbles past the competition.

Led by coach Zach Egbert, Lake Highlands Elementary Green Machine’s Collier Allen, Clifford Wilcox, Luke Egbert and Grayson Smith show just how intimidating they really are.

Seventh-graders Zachary Rose, Carson Klein, Wesley Schieber and Luke Ray try to stay warm before their game.

Hula Hoopsters Emerson Hebert, Kendall Nowell, Mackenzie McElroy and Samantha Normille bundle up and relax in the abnormally cold weather.