Applicants received an adult cabaret license for 10995 Petal Street

At a meeting to discuss the proposed changing of Plano Road to Lake Highlands Drive Wednesday night, Dallas City Councilman Adam McGough announced that the S.O.B. (sexually oriented business) license, applied for by Lake Highlands resident Alkos Giagtzis on behalf of E.S.G. (Epsilon Services Group) has been approved. The adult cabaret will be built at 10995 Petal, between Royal/Miller and Walnut Hill/Kingsley outside the LBJ loop.

“I delayed and dug and researched and stopped as long as I could,” said McGough.

Diane Jolly pressed McGough, asking why he’d failed to meet with LH residents to rouse community opposition.

“I guarantee if you had had meetings, Lake Highlands would have fixed that problem,” Jolly said.

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McGough explained that S.O.B. licenses, issued by the chief of police, are not subject to discretion or disapproval by plan commission or council members. The application process requires proof that the property is 1000 feet from the nearest school, park, hospital, child care facility or church. Highland Oaks Church of Christ, across LBJ, is 1300 feet away.

“I can’t have a meeting if there’s nothing I can do,” said McGough. “I can’t offer false hope. It was a losing battle.”

“In ten years we’re gonna have six of ‘em,” complained another frustrated attendee, referring to the S.O.B.’s new home in the industrial area on the Dallas/Garland border. (The man preferred that I not use his name.)

When I spoke to Giagtzis in August, he promised the dance hall, open from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m. 7 nights a week, would be “a fine, state-of-the-art gentlemen’s club as nice as anything Las Vegas has to offer.” His license permits topless dancing, not all-nude. Next he’ll have to apply to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) for a liquor license.

The sexually oriented business will be just outside LBJ