PT’s Fried Chicken and Fish

While focused on the progress at Creekside, site of the future Alamo Drafthouse and home of the now-open Bahama Buck’s and the soon-to-open Fuzzy’s Tacos, I missed the closing of Steak ‘n Shake across Abrams. Now open in its place is PT’s Fried Chicken & Fish.

PT’s, operating now for its second month, is this southern restaurant’s third location. Owner Antonio Brown has a store at 4131 N. Westmoreland south of Love Field and one in Southwest Center Mall.

In addition to fried chicken and fish, the PT’s menu boasts grilled chicken breasts, shrimp baskets, pork chops and burgers, among other choices. They open at 8 a.m. for breakfast, which includes egg sandwiches or the “big breakfast” with eggs, bacon and hashbrowns. For dessert, they offer single-serving treats from Cake Me Crazy.

PT’s, 6769 Abrams and Park Lane, is adjacent to the Flash Mart convenience store near Top Golf. Before Steak ‘n Shake took the space it was a Church’s Fried Chicken.

PT’s chicken and waffles

PT’s sports-themed walls