#FBF: Mr. Python, the snake breeder of Hamilton Park

A yellow, spotted morph called a banana python. Photo by Danny Fulgencio

I saw a snake the other day while cruising around the pond at Richland College. I posted an image on our Facebook page. I’m not the only one — many of my Facebook associates have been posting snake photos, mostly harmless (helpful even) rat snakes, I think.

Klayton and Hannah Mai, who were expecting their first child in 2015, have a snake room in their Lake Highlands/Hamilton Park home. Photo by Danny Fulgencio

So I’ve been thinking of snakes, and I can’t think of snakes without thinking of the Mai family — a picture-perfect young couple with a baby, a couple of dogs, and more than 100 ball python snakes.

Check out the details of the python-breeding business in our 2015 feature story.

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And an update in our 2016 photo essay that goes behind the scenes on some of our favorite shoots.

And, and, and: Video.

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