Free time this summer? Improve a child’s life then …


Reading has the power to make one an all-around better person.

It keeps the brain active, boosts vocabulary, improves empathy and connectedness, motivates goal-setting and, maybe most importantly, allows one the opportunity, when that new summer blockbuster movie premieres, to turn up your nose ever so slightly and say, “Oh, yeah, weellll, the book was better.”

Seriously though, most of the claims above are research based. That means kids who learn to read and enjoy it have an edge, both socially and intellectually.

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The Audelia Road Library in Lake Highlands is seeking Book Buddies to help kids in grades 2-5 maintain and improve reading skills over the summer.

Book Buddies should be 14 or older and available to volunteer every Tuesday and Thursday 1-2 p.m. from June 12-August 6th.

For more information on becoming a Book Buddy volunteer, please email or call 214.671.9206.

Email if you would like more information on registering your child in Book Buddies, or if you are interested in volunteering at Audelia Road Library in some other capacity.

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