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Is your life a grind? Do you hear crunching even when it isn’t meal time?

Do you toss and turn while sleeping, worried about tomorrow’s office presentation?

There may be a simple solution to nighttime worries, and you can find it close to home.

Dr. Jeffrey V. Jones and Dr. Kelly Buck know their way around preventative and restorative dental options that can help solve stress-related clenching and grinding.

Those issues we can’t control on our own — along with plenty of wide-awake stimuli — can cause oral pain or damage, back pain, and also a pain in the neck. Chipped enamel, cracked teeth and even the tongue-twisting mandibular tori, a painful bony growth in the inner lower jawbone near the tongue’s edge, are among possible anxiety-driven damages.

“Most people aren’t aware of options; there are all kinds of ways to fix issues,” Jones says.

The solution can be as simple as a night guard for many issues. Other potential manifestations of stress, such as dry mouth, canker sores and gum disease are a little more complicated to diagnose but can often be resolved quickly and painlessly.

Jones and Buck have more than 30 years in the business, including extensive training in cosmetic and sedation dentistry, implants and orthodontics.

“Most of the staff has been here for more than 10 years,” Jones says.

Find out more today with a free consultation at one of their offices: 712 N. Washington Ave. or 6760 Abrams Road.

And about that presentation you’re dreading? Not to stress: It’s their turn to do the show. Jones and Buck mounted their TV on the ceiling, right over the exam chair, and they’ll tune it to whatever channel you request.