Vickery Trading Company, the program in Vickery’s Northwest Community Center which teaches refugee women how to sew and sell their creations, has a new project. They are hosting a documentary screening and fundraiser, and all of Lake Highlands is invited.

The film, The True Cost, focuses on the world-wide environmental and social costs of “fast fashion,” exploring the lives of low-wage workers in developing countries and viewing after-effects such as river and soil pollution, pesticide contamination, disease and death. It looks at consumerism and mass media and shares interviews with garment workers, factory owners, environmentalists and people organizing fair trade companies or promoting sustainable clothing production.

The VTC screening event will be held Monday, March 27 at 7 p.m. at Northwest Bible Church, 8505 Douglas Avenue. Online here, you can purchase $20 tickets or contribute $125 for the Girls Night Out package with preferential seating and a swag bag. All proceeds benefit refugee women in Dallas.

“This is an excellent film and was a critical piece in forming VTC’s passion for ethical fashion,” says Stephanie Giddens, founder of Vickery Trade Company. “It’s a topic that doesn’t get much press in Dallas but is quite the buzz in fashion hubs like New York and Los Angeles. We’d love to see some of the local community there.”

You can view the trailer for The True Cost below.