Upset about Oncor’s tree-trimming practices? Are you THIS upset?

Over time we’ve written a ton about neighbors upset over the tree-trimming practices of Oncor electric. (Anyone who cares to peruse that history, here you go).

One White Rock area woman, 67-year-old Jeri Huber, has taken her defense of tree limbs to extreme heights, reports our East Dallas Advocate and NBC DFW.

If you heard helicopters swarming around the lake this morning, it was likely news choppers trying to get a shot of Huber clasping the branches of her latest rescue mission.

NBC DFW reports that Huber crawled into the tree in the 7100 block of her Westlake Avenue home to prevent Oncor from cutting it down. She later got down when crews said they would return with a restraining order.

Huber made waves seven years ago when she pulled a similar move to protect a threatened pecan tree, but that time she was armed with a pellet gun.

Oncor regularly has to cut back or cut down neighborhood trees to make room for power lines and to avoid breaking branches that cause unnecessary and often lengthy power outages when storms blow in. The company also has a history of offering Dallas residents free trees, to replace the neighborhood stock after trees are removed.

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