Canadian bacon pineapple pizza at Atomic Pie (Photo by Lori Bandi)

Canadian bacon pineapple pizza at Atomic Pie (Photo by Lori Bandi)

For pizza, we prefer Atomic Pie over the New York City transplant Grimaldi’s in Shops at Park Lane, and like the little taqueria in the heart of our neighborhood slightly more than the better-known one on Greenville, though we appreciate and patronize all of them. We are Lake Highlands, and that’s how we do things, which was made apparent in the annual Advocate Best Of contest.

While other contests focus on the entire city, ours looks only at the Best Of in or bordering our neighborhood. It highlights the places and spaces that are beloved by our readers, not some corporate marketing team, and it shows what we value as a community.

Visit nearby Goodfriend if you’re into craft beer and creative menu items, our readers rave, or One Nostalgia Place if you’re in the mood for a classic watering hole where Miller Lite still reigns king.

Those looking to break bread earlier in the day will want to head to JJ’s Café or Neighbor’s Casual Kitchen.

And when you just need to get away from it all and relax, or want to show off the best attraction in the neighborhood, just head over to White Rock Lake and bask in the natural beauty.

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