Casa Linda’s Szechwan Pavilion to close in late-February

Szechman Pavilion 1

Grab some all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet while you can, because another long-standing White Rock area restaurant is soon to bite the dust.

Just days after learning that Ali Baba in Lakewood Shopping Center is closing its doors for good, we learned Szechwan Pavilion in Casa Linda Plaza, which has been serving Chinese food to the Dallas community for 35 years, is also going dark in the upcoming months.

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The Chinese restaurant will stay open through February, according to part-owner Jane Wang, because she wants to be able to celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year on Feb. 19.

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Szechwan Pavilion has been at the Casa Linda location for 25 years, she says. For the last five years the rent has steadily increased every year, and this year it finally became more than the family-operated business can shoulder.

Jane says the Wang Family will be making their way north to Plano to focus their time and energy on Umeko Sushi & Grill, which she and her husband, John, own, along with some family friends. Some of the Szechwan staff will follow, including the chef, who has been at Szechwan for nearly 25 years. Others will find new jobs in the East Dallas area.

Szechwan Pavilion is located at 1152 N. Buckner. For more information, go to the website or call 214.321.7599.

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