Starbucks on Upper Greenville opens

An nearby alternative to the very crowded drive through at the Northwest Highway location …

Starbucks opening _ Upper Greenville 1

A brand new Starbucks began serving coffee on Upper Greenville, between Lovers and University, bright and early this morning.

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Last night the location hosted a soft opening for “friends and family,” namely Starbucks employees from other locations. Today is the grand opening, and the first 52 customers received cards for 52 free drinks.

The inside of the building is narrow but spacious enough for several tables and a small handful of cushioned chairs. The ceiling is extra tall, which makes it feel even more narrow.

The main draw will likely be the drive thru — it’s a king-sized drive thru. At least 15 cars could fit in that sucker, which is good news for anyone who has ever tried to maneuver the madhouse that is the drive thru for the Starbucks at Northwest Highway and Shady Brook.

The parking lot is also sizable for the space.

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