Do you have black and white family photographs squirreled away in attic corners and forgotten closets? Do your old family bibles document generations of Dallas history?


An old headstone at McCree Cemetery dates back to 1853

Preservation Dallas wants you.

The nonprofit historic group, which recently received a $200,000 grant to study and protect historic McCree Cemetery near Audelia Road and Estate Lane, is hosting a “Lake Highlands/Little Egypt Attic Fair” this weekend, and they’re hoping people who love LH and its storied history will attend. The event will be a little like Antiques Roadshow, with longtime residents bringing in photos and family memorabilia to see if they’ve stumbled across something historic and informational.

“Oral history and family photographs can remind us of the events, people, and the development of the community we know and appreciate today as Lake Highlands,” says Preservation Dallas Executive Director David Preziosi. “Through events like ‘Attic Fairs’ and the help of neighborhood and family historians, we can gain so much valuable information, photographs, and records.  Right now, when we look at the McCree cemetery, we see names and headstones.  We want to know more about the early residents who lived in this area, what they did for a living, where they attended school or church, what their lives were like.”

McCree Cemetery, established in 1866, contains the graves of Peters Colonists, war veterans and many persons associated with early area Methodist and Baptist churches. The African American section is separate and contains freed slaves from the Little Egypt settlement at Northwest Highway and Ferndale. You can learn more here.

The Attic Fair will be held Sunday, April 27 at the real estate office of Nathan Grace at Walnut Hill and Audelia.