sign twoLake Highlands residents began arriving at the Dallas Police Department’s Northeast Substation this morning with homemade cards, signs, cakes and other goodies to show appreciation for DPD’s hard work and persistence in catching the sexual predator lurking in our neighborhood. The Shower the Police with Kindness project was the brainchild of LH moms Leah Noble and Gina Wright, and it continues today, tomorrow and Thursday, April 11 at the station at Audelia and Northwest Highway.

I was there this morning when Kathleen Cianciaola arrived, and she said thanking the DPD was something she felt compelled to do.

kennedy and kathleen“We were so relieved and grateful when they caught the rapist,” said Kathleen, who lives on Ferndale Road where two of the three victims were attacked in their homes. “They came knocking on our doors two at a time to let us know what was going on and show us the picture. What these officers did, to catch him so fast, is quite impressive. They made our neighborhood feel at ease.”

To show her appreciation, Kathleen made a sherry wine cake and delivered it to a grateful Officer Kennedy, who was humbly, sheepishly, receiving gifts.

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“It’s my old family recipe,” she said. “Everybody loves it.”

sign“It looks great,” he told her. “I’ll give it to the Sarge.”

If you go, enter the visitor’s parking on the Northwest Highway side. You are supposed to be checked in to the official visitor’s entrance at the front, but if you happen to see officers sitting in their outdoor break area at picnic tables on the east side of the building, they are likely to receive your gift with gratitude and you can be on your merry way.

kennedy and steve