LHHS softball players help a neighboring, less-lucky team buy equipment

Photo borrowed from the Wildcat Club website.
Photo borrowed from the Wildcat Club website.

No matter what the result of tonight’s game versus Skyline, the LHHS softball team members are winners for what they are doing to help Conrad High. 

From time to time, when I write a story about things happening in Vickery Meadows, Fair Oaks or at Conrad High School — all communities that directly flank Lake Highlands and which are often included in our coverage of Lake Highlands — I get emails and comments from folks adamant that I shouldn’t be writing about those places. “It’s not Lake Highlands,” they sometimes say, just a low-income, crime-riddled neighbor with whom we would rather not be associated.

Fair enough, the Lake Highlands Advocate magazine is delivered to homes, therefore one could argue that what happens in apartments and schools populated with only apartment dwellers doesn’t directly affect our readers.

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Or, you could argue that many of our readers, the homeowners, the families of Lake Highlands High School are affected by and care deeply about the problems that plague our neighbors.

Case in point: Conrad is a DISD school located less than two miles from Lake Highlands. It serves residents of Fair Oaks and Vickery Meadow, which are both areas known for crime and poverty. The Lake Highlands High School softball team has taken note of the relative lack of support for athletics at Conrad, so they are holding a fundraiser to benefit the Conrad High School softball team, so the kids at Conrad can buy equipment that they need in order to compete.

Here’s how one of the LHHS parents put it:

“We, as a softball team feel very grateful for the support that we get from the Lake Highlands Community and the Wildcat Club.  However, it’s come to our attention that Conrad High School is not as lucky as we are.  Conrad is the high school on Fair Oaks, which is close to Lake Highlands, and they don’t have near the support we do. They don’t have a Booster Club or a PTA.”

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Here’s how you can get involved: Attend the home LHHS softball game versus Skyline tonight (Friday Feb. 29) and enjoy dinner at the concession stand. All of the proceeds will benefit Conrad’s team. JV starts at 5:30 and varsity begins at 7:30.

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