September is Craniofacial Acceptance Month, but Lake Highlands mom April Gorman isn’t flashy. She’s not picketing or organizing any marches. She just wrote a couple of paragraphs on her Facebook page.

April and her husband, Tate, have a son, John, with Crouzon’s Syndrome. (Tate is known to many as President-Elect of LH Exchange Club and the guy who had the idea (with Adam Meierhofer) for LH Oktoberfest, which has been all-kinds-of-awesome and takes place October 6th.)

What April has written is so perfect, I’ve just copied it below. I’m too old and unhip to know what beyblades are, but “wanting nothing more than to have a good time”? Yeah, I get that.

Friday brings another trip to the O.R. for John to repair his intestinal malrotation. Seven days into kindergarten and we have been on a crazy roller coaster, need to remind this kid I am more of a lazy river kinda momma. Please keep the little guy in your prayers, this will be a longer hospital stay than we are used to around these parts. Oh, and if you want to do something to help John and his craniofacial buddies out, please share this image on your Facebook wall.

September is Craniofacial Awareness Month where every mom and dad of one of these remarkable human beings hopes to gain a little more respect and acceptance for our kiddos. If you want to do something more, take a photo of John from my stash here and share it with your child (or anyone else in your life). Talk to them about celebrating differences, and try to help them find that they actually have more in common than might be apparent at first glance. If you need some talking points let me know…I have a few. And here are some things John loves: legos, soccer, reading, beyblades, tball, dogs, drawing, dinosaurs, pancakes, angry birds and the color blue. He wants nothing more than to have a good time just like every other 5 year old out there. Hurtful comments and stares are usually a result of misunderstanding, take a minute to help someone understand.