Coffee so good, you’ll forget someone’s selling cremation next door

Photo by Mark Davis

It’s not the type of place that stands out immediately. You’re more likely to notice the large “Local Cremation” sign at the corner of Greenville and Royal than the quaint “Café Silva” or subsequent “Coffee Shop” one. And once you start thinking about the whole cremation thing, do you really still want coffee and a scone?

I promise, once you taste the pastries, made with great care by wife-owner Suraiya Khan, and the coffee imported from various regions by husband-owner Masoom Khan, you will forget all about the good folks selling cremation at a reasonable price a couple doors down.

Café Silva is named for the littlest Khan, Nurah Silva, age 2. The location of the café, which also serves lunch, actually is perfect. It’s right on the White Rock Trail and directly across the street from Moss Haven Park.

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They even sell protein bars and gels for nutrition-craving runners and cyclists who drop in.

Courtesy Cafe Silva

One of the first things you think when you step inside is, “This place needs a patio”. They have a nice big window overlooking the trail and Royal Oaks golf course. Suraiya says she hopes to build a patio someday.

We featured Café Silva’s summer-drink offerings in the June Lake Highlands Advocate magazine.

While I was there, I ordered a dark coffee, remarking “I need all the caffeine I can get today!”

That’s when these coffee experts filled me in on a secret that rocked my universe: dark coffee typically has less caffeine than light coffee. What? Did a little research (Googling) and sure enough, they are right. Not that I doubted them.

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8499 Greenville Avenue #108

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