Lake Highlands Exchange Club elects new officers

A number of LH residents will be assuming new duties on behalf of the Lake Highlands Exchange Club, one of the neighborhood’s pre-eminent volunteer groups. Among those recently elected to leadership positions:

John Alspaw, President

Tate Gorman, President Elect

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Bryan McCrory, Past President

Doug Rabe, Treasurer

Travis Shahan, Secretary

Mark Holmes, Vice President of Fundraising

Justin Bono, Vice President of Programs

Ronda Moreland, Vice President of Youth

Kelly Jones, Citizenship and Americanism

Patrick Brown, Membership Director

John Waters, Community Service Director

Brian Huddleston, Community Events Director

Bob VanAmburgh, Communications Director

Steve White, Newsletter Director

Tracy Cox, Scholarships Director

Tommy Bailey, Member Involvement Director

Not listed among those elected but incredibly active is longtime member Don Lee, who regularly circulates information to neighbors and media about the club.

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