LHHS softball team is on a winning streak

Lake Highlands High School varsity girls softball team is tearing it up this season.

BACK ROW: Jordan Miller, Kacie Jones, Elizabeth Burroughs, Maddie Cook, Emily Beakey MIDDLE ROW: Anne Waithaka, Hannah West, Erin Brennan, Elisabeth Wall, Cynthia Ibarra FRONT ROW: Destiny Rojas, Alli Brown, Melissa Franklin, Andrea Beard, Maggie Morgan, Abby Harris

Over the weekend, they beat the Berkner team 10-1. To date, they’ve won 12 of 12 games and are ranked 85 nationally on this CBSsports-related stat site.

Team parent Steve Brown, whose daughter is one of several freshmen on the varsity team, says he’s seen some teams, but this one stands out.

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“The coach, Kelly Baker and her assistant coaches have great experience and run a tight team … My family and I have been in the Lake Highlands area since ’96 (my daughter) has played on a number of good teams, but this team really has something special going on.”

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The first game following spring break will be Friday March 23 at Forester Field versus Skyline.  After the jump, photos of coaches and junior varsity team members.

BACK ROW: Liana Everett, Bailey Lozano, Brianna Brown, Julieanna Buchanan, Kennedy Lozano FRONT ROW: Katie Norris, Erin Elkjer, Eva Manellari, Alexis Finley
Coach Kelly Baker
Assistant coach Kim Kromdyk
Coach Amabile
Team manager Aries Hinton
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