Congrats to Corby Davidson and family

Congrats to Corby Davidson of KTCK The Ticket radio station, and his wife, Julie, who recently gave birth to their second child. (Hear them talk about that, here.)

You wouldn’t know it from his smart aleck-y answers in last month’s Advocate cover story (Q&As with Neighborhood Celebrities), but “The Snake” Davidson is a nice guy … deep down … somewhere in there. As all Ticketheads know, Corby seems to be lacking that filter that separates the words that come to mind from the ones that come out of the mouth, so it’s no surprise that we had to edit out a few of his answers … read three "Corby Uncensored" questions after the jump if you dare (or care) — read the rest of the interview, plus Q&As with Steve Pickett, CBS; Chip Waggoner, Fox 4; and Ben&Skin from The Fan radio station here

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Corby Davidson uncensored: 

When you fight with Danny on air is that real or shtick? It’s real. We love each other but get so pissed at one another. Same with Mike. It’s just like a marriage, except we have more sex than married people.

How did you end up in your line of work? I lied on my resume, saying that I was a gay black woman. 





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