A roundup of stuff that wouldn’t necessarily make it on the blog, but is worth noting:

Robert Wilonsky at the Observer reports that Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper is still weeks away from announcing its next round of layoffs. Expect to see 300 to 350 leave at the paper, which will include editorial, sales, marketing and circulation staff. I’m even told some managers might go. They got the bad news at the Star-Telegram in Fort Worth yesterday – more than 100 jobs gone, wage cuts, and a possible one-week furlough later in the year. And even college papers aren’t immune, USA Today reports. Daily newspapers at schools across the country have cut one edition a week — usually Friday’s — because of weak advertising.

• Apparently, physicians are immune from criticism. That’s the thinking of a North Carolina MD who helps his colleagues prevent patients from making comments on web sites, blogs and the like that review doctor performance. Note: the doctor in the story is not related to me, though we share – ironically – the same name. Guess he wouldn’t last too long writing for our blog, would he?

• Who says Texas isn’t a national leader in good government? We’re setting an example in taxing strip clubs, as more and more cash-strapped states are levying “skin taxes,” targeting dirty magazines, racy movies, sex toys and strip clubs. Says one expert: “"In that sense, it’s not a bad way to raise money. You’re not going to discourage people. But if you want to raise money, why not?"