Crypto warning for Dallas swimmers

I posted in Lake Highlands‘ and East Dallas‘ blogs about the crypto parasite affecting Dallas’ pools and have received some pretty interesting comments. But I though everyone should see this one:

I work with the Health Department in the Public Health Prepardness Division. We RECOMMEND that NO ONE go to public pools till this situation is taking care off. If you must go to a pool, ask for the manager and see what the chlorine levels are for the day. If there not between 1 and 2— then don’t swim and report it to us. If you know anyone with crypto please call us at 214-819-2004. We are working endlessly on this case. Plus now with the media hyping it up, its only going to get worse. Things to do to protect yourself: Please don’t swim when you have diarrhea. Please don’t swallow the pool water. Please practice good hygiene. Change diapers in bathroom, not poolside. Wait two weeks before entering another pool after the symptoms have stopped. AND YES CRYPTO CAN SPREAD IN THE BATH TUB!!!!

Commenter name: Nick

I also got this comment about KC Pool on the ED Blog:

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My entire family (4 of us) got a case of Crypto from The Knights of Columbus Pool on NW HWY and Ferndale Road in Lake Highlands. I think they shut down for a while… not sure if they are open. Several of the life guards at that pool got it, several members of the swim team and who knows how many of the members, like myself, got it too.

Once the pediatrician diagnosed my kids, the health department was on the phone with us immediately. The KC Pool is a very clean place… I’m sure they will get it all cleaned up.

Strange how it’s so bad this summer. Maybe it’s always been around, but I’ve never noticed it like this.

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