LAUNCH: The Wilson Triplets

Good things come (and go) in threes

With a set of triplets, life for the Wilsons has been pretty intense for the past 18 or so years.

“Around here, it’s feast or famine,” says Valarie Wilson, mother of the three.

Case in point, her home is about to go from constant commotion to complete quiet once the children go off to college. Valarie and her husband, Bill, have mixed feelings about their children moving out.

“I’ll miss the activity around the house,” Bill says. “But I am also excited — it feels good to know they are all going to schools they want to go to.”

Even better, the multiples received multiple scholarships — Katie, Anne and Ben Wilson are headed to Brown University, Emory University, and Texas Tech, respectively, with financial help from both the Exchange Club of Lake Highlands and the Lake Highlands Women’s League. All three say their parents’ support and high expectations fueled their success.

“My parents always pushed us to do well,” Katie says. “I applied for the scholarships to take some of the financial burden off them.”

Ben adds, with a laugh, that “a little competitiveness” among the siblings provided extra motivation. Their mother agrees that, from her experience, multiples often do well in life.

“I think it’s partly because very early on we realized we needed a lot of structure or else there would be chaos,” Valarie says.

“They always knew what we expected of them. Plus,” she adds, “we were just blessed with good-natured kids.”

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