LAUNCH: The Faculty Lounge Becomes a Family Affair

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and most of our minds are on that special woman who cared for us when we were sick and always made sure we ate our veggies.

That precious motherly bond is something that Providence Christian School teacher Erin Kornu thinks about pretty much every day. That’s because her classroom is just a few steps away from the classroom where her mother, Lake Highlands resident Sue Windrick, teaches.

“I never imagined teaching at the same school as my mom, but I love everything about it,” Kornu says. “I’m a new teacher and a newlywed, so I’m still trying to figure both of those out — and my mom helps me with both by giving me personal and professional advice. When I visit her classroom to chat, it’s a one-stop shop.” Windrick also cites some perks to having her daughter as a co-worker.

“As a parent, you typically see less and less of your child after they’re grown and married, but this has allowed me to still see my daughter almost every day, which is just priceless,” she says.

“And I have a younger daughter, Meagan, who is studying to become a nurse so we joke that one day she’ll be the school nurse here; that way we have the whole family working together.”

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