Some local blogginess for the New Year

It’s amazing what goes on over a long holiday weekend:

• Our pal Mike Davis at Dallas Progress says there was nothing untoward about free Cotton Bowl tickets for city officials, which caused a stink at the end of last week. Don’t worry, Mike. I doubt this will be an issue when the Cotton Bowl skulks out of town to Arlington. They’ll be so busy kissing up to the Cowboys they won’t even remember where Dallas is.

• Mike’s pal, Shawn Williams at Dallas South, compliments Mayor Park Cities for being an outsider. Which is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say that about the mayor.

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• Lone Star Ball, which follows the Rangers, is caught up in a national political brouhaha. One poster even called Lone Star blogger Adam Morris a fascist. Who knew Rangers fans cared that much?

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• Allen Gwinn at (featured in this month’s East Dallas magazine) has a few thoughts about the upcoming DISD bond election.

• Tom Pauken at DallasBlog (yes, that Tom Pauken) writes about a report that Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott is one of the worst corporate bosses in the country because he is too liberal. If the Wal-Mart CEO is too liberal, then Laura Miller and Ron Kirk are best friends. I wonder: Can I get someone to write a Wikipedia entry about me?

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