More than 60 years ago, the Corinthian Sailing Club (CSC) was formed to promote sailing and sailboat racing on White Rock Lake. The club remains popular today, with more than 300 memberships and 200 boats docked at its facilities on the lake’s eastern shore.

And while some might think of yacht clubs as exclusive societies of the wealthy, that just doesn’t seem to be the case for CSC.

“It’s for anyone who enjoys boats and sailing,” says club commodore and Lakewood resident Frank Richards.

The club has an active racing program and hosts many social events for its members. But it also places a large emphasis on education.

“We have a very good juniors program with summer camps each year, along with adult sailing programs to teach people who’ve never sailed before,” Richards says. “We also have a program dedicated to women racers, to encourage them to sail as captains as well.”

CSC also hosts events open to the public each year “to showcase not only our club, but White Rock Lake and our community in general,” says member De McCombs.

One of those events is the club’s annual boat show and open house, held this year Saturday, May 17. On that day, CSC will open its docks from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. with a variety of boats on hand for people to see and learn about.

Sailboats of various sizes and styles, kayaks, canoes and wooden boats will be included in the show. The wooden boats will be furnished by the Wooden Boat Association, whose members own and restore antique and classic run-abouts from the 1920s-1950s.

“Those old wooden boats are really beautiful,” McCombs says, “and so graceful. There’s just something about them.”

And if you’ve ever seen boats out on the lake and wished you were there, you can make that wish come true during the open house. Because in addition to looking at the boats, you’ll be able to ride in them, free of charge. Members of For The Love of the Lake’s Flotsam Flotilla also will be on hand, and hot dogs and other snacks will be available for a $5 donation.

“Anyone who’s interested in seeing what it’s about should come on out,” Richards says. “It’s always a fun day.”