4th of July parade offers traditional LH family fun

The Lake Highlands’ community spirit will come alive for the Annual July 4th Parade and Celebration hosted by the Exchange Club of Lake Highlands, RE/MAX and the Dallas Park and Recreation Department.

In keeping the tradition of the event, the parade will feature families decorating little red wagons, tricycles, bicycles, skateboards, wheelchairs or anything that rolls, along with themselves and their pets, to celebrate the birth of our nation.

The newest solution for solving the crisis of our society today in America is to strengthen the family and return to some of the “old-fashioned” values that made our country strong.

Perhaps that is the answer, because Lake Highlands is a community of good families that care about each other and their neighbors.

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This is seen all year long with the civic involvement by the residents. May volunteers from the Exchange Club and RE/MAX work hard to make this occasion a time for old-fashioned family fun.

And the families come – about 2,500 people – to parade, salute our flag and country, enjoy popcorn and hot dogs, visit the petting zoo, play carnival games, swim in the pool, try out the moon walk and, weather permitting, see the skydivers and ride in RE/MAX’s hot air balloon.

My favorite memories are of the grandmother in her decorated electric wheelchair and the family visiting from Russia that joined right into the occasion.

I am reminded of an old saying that might need to be re-heard: “A family that plays together stays together.”

And on July 4th at 9 a.m., when the parade begins, there will be lots and lots of families from Lake Highlands enjoying themselves together and celebrating some of the old-fashioned values and traditions that seem to be lost in so many other communities.

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