Planting the seeds for beautification project

You may have noticed a big difference in the appearance of Audelia and Kingsley roads. Last winter, 108 trees were planted in nine medians along Kingsley and Audelia. Some residents have volunteered to mow and pick up litter on these medians during the next six months.

This is the result of another very dedicated group of volunteers working on the Lake Highlands Beautification Project.

The Lake Highlands Beautification Project is in the second year of a three-year plan. The goal is to improve the quality of the medians and public grounds bordered by LBJ to the north, Plano Road to the east, Northwest Highway to the south, and White Rock Trail to the west.

In 1992, the first year, contact was made with the Dallas Parks Foundation to develop plans, receive trees and to get guidance. Two medians were planted in December using 56 trees.

In 1993, seven medians were planted in February using 52 trees of various varieties procured from Dallas Parks Foundation. More mulch was placed at the base of each tree in the spring.

Each median will be adopted to ensure watering of the trees, mowing and litter pickup. Churches in the area are developing plans to do plantings of trees through this committee as well. And some apartment complexes have agreed to adopt the medians in front of their properties.

In 1994, the third year, more funds will be raised to ensure that trees lost during the winter are replaced. Retail shopping area owners will be approached to improve landscaping around stores and in parking areas.

Depending on the growth of previous tree plantings, shrubs will be planted in the medians to create a park-like look. Some bark or other ground-cover material will be used to fill in unplanted areas and for low maintenance.

If you are interested in participating in this effort to beautify our community, please contact Jeanne Spencer at 348-0859 or Susybelle Gosslee at 349-0269.

Last summer, the Lake Highlands Girls Service League decided to raise $20,000 to partially fund construction of a house in East Dallas in cooperation with Habitat for Humanity.

The actual work involved was, for some of the girls, their first attempt at using a hammer, level, chalk line, etc. They gained a much better appreciation of the skill required to hammer a nail, hang windows, and put up siding.

Even with the lack of experience in construction, the students who came to work enjoyed the camaraderie and the satisfaction of seeing the house take shape.

These young women exhibit the characteristics that we hope to instill in all of our young people, and with such a project already to their credit, it is certain that they will make an impact on our community and our future.

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