The Lake Highlands High School Alumni Association was established in May 1992 as a non-profit organization to unite 26 years of graduating classes.

I think I can speak for my fellow LHHS graduates in saying that even though you or I may have graduated in 1971, 1964, 1978 or whenever, it is hard to believe…26 classes.

And what classes and graduates we have had: academic all-Americans, superior athletic achievements, a musical department recognized world-wide, and graduates who have contributed to our community and business world.

All of us, in our own way, are establishing a tradition with our families and friends and, we hope, within our communities.

It was just two weeks ago, on a late Friday afternoon prior to the LHHS-Haltom City football game, that I heard outside my home a “cling-clang, cling-clang.”

At first, I thought the sound of church bells at Kingsley/Ferndale. But I was pleasantly surprised to see the Bell Boys of LHHS rolling down the street with the message: “Come One, Come All” and follow us to the school stadium.

The Bell Boys announcing a home game within the community streets, now that’s Tradition. I had goose bumps from hearing the bell, because I suddenly felt the community was united behind a common cause: LHHS.

The election year is bombarding us with family values. Family values are nothing but the foundation for Tradition. I can almost hear the theme song from “Fiddler on the Roof” humming in my ear as I write this: “Tradition, tradition!” Strength and pride of character are important elements in tradition.

How about one of our graduates, L. Dan Lambeth ’66? Dan recently retired from the U.S. Navy following 21 years of service and now resides in Charlotte, N.C. His accomplishments are extraordinary.

The “Vietnam Veteran’s News” tells of his mother, Jo Lambeth, wearing a locket he gave her while in junior high – she wore it throughout his tour in Vietnam.

Tradition: A family united even though thousands of miles apart. Family values? You bet your life.

The new movie “Rush: is authored by Kim Wozencraft ’73. Kim left LHHS and went to Tyler, Texas, to be a Tyler police officer. She wrote about her experiences in the drug enforcement area, and now it’s a movie staring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jason Patrick (the ex of Julia Roberts).

One of the characters of her book is named Sam Austin. It is strongly rumored the character was named after one of LHHS’ beloved coaches during the 1960s and ’70s – Sam Austin.

When Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “network,” the book may as well have a group picture of 26 years of LHHS classes. We are a proud bunch and can pull from each other in a New York minute.

This monthly column and the Alumni Association’s efforts are just the beginning of a continuing effort to keep our group united.

In coming months, we’ll feature LHHS trivia, personalities, events…anything of interest to LHHS graduates and their families.

If you know of noteworthy graduates or events you would like to see publicized, give me a call or drop me a line.

If you are a graduate (or know of one), and you would like to join the Alumni Association, please call 348-8602 and ask for Terry ’71 or Sissy ’73.