Lake Highlands family offers $5K reward for puppy stolen on Christmas Eve

Zane was stolen on Christmas Eve from the Parker’s home in the Merriman Park area.

Merriman Park neighbor Stuart Parker said it best when he told Fox4, “There’s a cold place in hell for people that steal dogs and do anything on Christmas Eve.”

But that’s exactly what happened. According to reports, Parker, with his wife, Bonnie, headed out on Christmas Eve to attend a neighborhood holiday party. They were gone only a few hours, but returned to find the door to their home had been kicked in. Thieves made off with a laptop, jewelry, presents from under the tree and, most upsetting of all, the couple’s 8-month-old Shih Tzu puppy, Zane.

“You can have the whole house.. if the dog hadn’t been taken—we’d be perfectly ok. We would call the insurance company and we would get past it,” Bonnie Parker told WFAA.

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“I can get another laptop, that’s nothing,” Stuart added. “But don’t mess with my family…and he’s family.”

The furry black pup is all the couple hopes to recover from the loss, who have put up a $5,000 reward for the safe return of Zane.

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  • You are totally correct! The quote was copied directly from WFAA which is not an excuse, just was moving to fast and failed to double check their work. Thanks for note!

  • Pat Palmer

    Doesn’t matter what she said. The words sound the same. Jeanette was correct in her note to Emily. We should have proofreaders in all papers.

  • Nickie Goldinhart

    You do see that it is in quotes do you not? She was quoting the person’s words. Not all people speak the way you type.

  • Jeanette Steckelberg Haws Benn

    Sad story. I hope dog is found.

    Note to Emily…brush up on difference in “passed” and “past”…spelling error.