Look: How a new bridge over Central Expressway will connect the White Rock Lake and Northaven trails

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  • I believe it’s already vacant – it’s a small and oddly shaped piece of leftover land.
    Click on that address link (11231 N. Central) in Google maps, show satellite – it’s sort of a s scrap of land. There’s a sidewalk that cuts across part of it.
    Next to Cindi’s!
    I *believe* that white building across the street (north) is where KNON relocated.

  • Jason

    What’s on the other side of Central from that location? I don’t think there is enough open land to put that big circular ramp. Whatever they end up doing, I like it! Connecting trails is always good.

  • James Morgan

    HTNB built a similar structure over an 11-lane highway in California — the Mary Avenue Bridge between Sunnyvale and Cupertino.

    An article states by making it out of steel rather than concrete… ” the towers could be erected in one night each. The deck could be put up over three nights.”

    That said… wikipedia says construction started 2/01/08 and was finished 11/17/08. They opened it on 4/30/09.

    It’s also known as the Don Burnett Bridge.

  • James Morgan

    Cool. It will need to cross White Rock Creek too. I would like to see the plans for that.

  • I had to look that address up – 11231 N. Central Expressway is the crossing point, just north of the Conns, Studio Movie Grill and Jump Street ‘complex’.
    Nice – I hope it doesn’t take as long as the Mockingbird bridge took.