One Nostalgia threw out some famous Neo-Nazis last year and became a viral sensation this week

One Nostalgia Tavern owner Kent Smith is interviewed by CBS 11, one of many media networks who came out following the Buzzfeed article.
One Nostalgia Tavern owner Kent Smith is interviewed by CBS 11, one of many media networks who came out following the Buzzfeed article.

Until yesterday, media across Dallas mostly ignored One Nostalgia Tavern, a Lake Highlands tradition since 1973. That was until Buzzfeed posted a video that shows alt-right speaker Milo Yiannopoulos singing karaoke at the Abrams Road bar, which ended with a group of people, including notorious white supremacist Richard Spencer,  raising one hand in a Nazi salute.

What the video doesn’t show is owner Kent Smith and his staff throwing the hate mongers out of his watering hole. As soon as he saw the racist signal of hands flying into the air, he told Yiannopoulos to “get his ass off the stage and out of his bar.” When the crowd didn’t immediately disperse, bartender Amiti Perry headed on stage, grabbed the mic and told the group in curse-laden terms to get out of the bar.

Smith walked the unwelcome group out the door, where they stood outside and yelled “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

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That was in April 2016. At the time, Smith assumed it was just rowdy frat boys. It wasn’t until Buzzfeed broke the story that he learned two of the most notorious voices in the alt-right/white supremacist community were involved.

“Before yesterday, I had never heard of Richard Spencer or Milo whats-his-name,” Smith says. “If I had known who they were, I would have thrown them out sooner.”

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Unfortunately for the bar, the video prominently featured the its hand-painted logo in the background. When the Buzzfeed article published, every media in town showed up to hear the bar’s side of the story.

While the Neo-Nazi crowd was drunk and disorderly, it’s not the most unruly Smith has experienced at the dive bar. A few months back, he asked an overly intoxicated woman to leave, and was cold clocked in the face by her male friend after he walked them out the door. The hit broke Smith’s nose. As a former cop, he was able to identify the attacker quickly, and turned the information, and surveillance tapes, over to Dallas police.

“I got to be there when they arrested him at his chiropractic office,” Smith smiles.

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  • Manrice

    Amen. Richard Spencer and Milo are marginal and vile creatures, for somewhat different reasons. But they don’t speak for Trump, and they don’t represent 98% of Trump voters. This was only written about to get in another low blow against Trump. Probably not that wise in a Lake Highlands neighborhood magazine, where an awful lot of readers probably voted for him.

  • David Hardt

    Well…Hopefully, if a group of professional athletes came into this bar and decided to kneel in disrespect while “America the Beautiful” was being sung on stage, then this owner would have removed them, as well…as they all chanted “Obama, Obama, Obama”. And by the way, these “athletes” I mentioned? They aren’t black…prejudice and racism goes both ways…and they both are evil. Where is the ACLU in all of this? If “Amazing Grace” was being sung in this establishment, then the ACLU would be lawyered up and ready to close this place down. God bless America.

  • Manrice

    But your purpose in mentioning the supposed Trump chant was, like Buzzfeed’s, to unfairly link him with Naziism. There were undoubtedly other innocent Trump supporters there that night, and that fact somehow goes unmentioned. You betray your agenda.

  • Thanks for your comment. It was included because of Richard Spencer and Milo Yiannopoulos’ high-profile support for the commander in chief, and confirmed by several people who were there that night. It was noteworthy that such a widely discussed event landed in our neighborhood.

  • Manrice

    You made sure you got the anti-Trump reference in there, huh? What does that have to do with the main storyline? How do you know if the neo-Nazis shouted his name? Were you there to witness it? Is it on video? Was it just one of the Nazis or ten of them? Could the owner possibly have an anti-Trump agenda? Do you consider Buzzfeed to be an impartial website? And if the drunk Nazis did use his name, does it mean Trump embraces their agenda? Just more political hatred in a place where it doesn’t belong. I just added you to my Spam list.