FBF: What are the boundaries of Lake Highlands?`

This map shows the boundaries for Lake Highlands High School but do not represent many people’s view on the neighborhood boundaries.

It’s a topic close to our hearts here at the Advocate, as we regularly have readers comment “that’s not Lake Highlands” on our social media posts.

As a publication, our definition is based on our distribution area, which, admittedly, does not follow many reader’s boundaries. Knowing it’s not for us to decide, in 2011 we got some of the neighborhood’s most vocal advocates together to hash out this regular question: Where is Lake Highlands?

Give it a read and let us know if it hits the mark (and if not, where is the mark for you?)

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  • The debate continues! If you read the 2011 article, you’ll see this is addressed:

    “Editor: What about Old Lake Highlands and the Peninsula neighborhood [south of Northwest Highway and east of White Rock Lake]. Do we consider them part of Lake Highlands?

    Alan Walne: More importantly, I don’t think they consider themselves a part of Lake Highlands.”

  • The map here is the LHHS boundaries, not the Advocate boundaries which are included in the link (http://advertise.advocatemag.com/distribution/) – we absolutely go all the way to Jupiter

  • Dolores Wallace

    Those of us in the original Lake Highlands (Lake Highlands Estates, aka Old Lake Highlands) find it interesting how out of touch a magazine like The Advocate is about neighborhoods. The Lakewood edition is distributed into parts of Old Lake Highlands, while other parts are lumped into “Lake Highlands” that you think is only north of NW Hwy – although we ARE the original Lake Highlands. I guess the developers couldn’t think of anything on their own for the area. Anyway, this lack of insight into how East Dallas is configured is why my company stopped advertising in the magazine. Get your neighborhoods straight folks.

  • Michael Mason

    Why would the map only extend a little east of Plano Road, instead of all the way to Jupiter? Only want to claim the nicer homes in Highland Meadows?