Craving breakfast 24/7? Good news: We’re getting a Waffle House.

For the late-night eaters and those who just love Waffle House’s hilarious billboards (“The people are the movie, the waffles are the popcorn”), good news was announced this week.

The divey diner is already under construction for a new location at the southwest corner of Greenville and Forest Lane. It is expected to open in about six months.

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The national chain has a cult-like following which on one hand worships its simple food (“If you want Belgian waffles, you can go to Belgian”), low prices and never-closed hours. But on the other hand, like Walmart, it’s proven a little too easy to target in pop culture jokes, leading to these gems:

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  • Tommy Wo

    Wow…an all-night greasy spoon at the intersection of Greenville and Forest. That’s one of the highest crime neighborhoods in Dallas, much less Lake Highlands. Whatever could possibly go wrong with this scenario?

  • dormand

    The late owner of the enormous and very, very. profitable Waffle House chain acquired a trophy wife.

    Said trophy wife soon complained to hubby that she was getting snubbed when, at cocktail parties people asked what her husband did for a living. She felt like she was treated like a trailer park owner’s wife and was tired of the condescending looks that she received on Park Avenue events.

    Rich hubby then bought a couple of Ritz Carlton so his trophy wife could put on better airs at the cocktail parties that they were always getting invited to, as the guy cut big checks to the charities that asked him to contribute.

    Rich hubby soon found that he was losing his shirt on the Ritz Carltons, and he told his trophy wife that she would have to adapt because he did not want to spend all his money owning loser investments just so his trophy wife could put on airs at Park Avenue cocktail parties.

    Moral of story: some very pedestrian companies throw off a ton of cash to their owners. Waffle House is one of those.

    Hint: The worst possible place that you can be is a Waffle House in a town where smoking has not been prohibited at restaurants. Something about Waffle Houses draws smokers like whatever draws flies.

    LH is in dire need of restaurants, so one with b’fast 24/7 has to be a positive step.