Meanwhile, just outside Lake Highlands: That very bright spot at Garland and Peavy

On Time Experts at Garland and Peavy.

The intersection at Garland and Peavy is known for being one of the hippest corners in East Dallas. With 20 Feet, the Goodfriend empire and Cultivar, this intersection is the mecca of bearded foodies in East Dallas.

When an old gas station closed and the rent sign went up, neighbors wondered what trendy place would join the fray. Avocado toast? Independent film? Kombucha?

Finally, the question has been answered. With a bold orange coat of paint that can’t be missed by the speedy cars of Garland, the trendy location will be On Time Experts, an air-conditioning, heating and plumbing company. Some neighbors were hoping for more.

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“How disappointing,” reader Judy Enis O’Loughlin said of the tenant. “The color is pretty terrible, but I might like it better if it were a better tenant like a Mexican restaurant.”

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  • rufus says calm down

    Like it better “if it was a Mexican Restaurant?” There are THREE Mexican restaurants within 3 minutes of there. And Why would you hope a local company (started in Garland in 1965) which provides highly skilled, well paying jobs and AC & Heating, plumbing services to go out of business? Because it’s orange and not a Mexican restaurant? Seriously? I bet when your AC goes out and it’s a 110 outside, the color of the building & the lack of tacos will be the last thing on your mind.

  • Billy Ray Valentine

    Well hopefully they’ll go out of business sooner than later!