Demolition makes way for new residential development next to Fields Cemetery

The former Highlands West offices have been cleared to make way for a new David Weekley development.

If you’ve driven down Skillman past Church recently, you’ve noticed the razing of the existing buildings at 7475 Skillman, former home to Healing Hands Ministries and other offices. The property sits between the new Bordeaux Lake Highlands development and the old Fields Cemetery.

What is happening there? It’s a question several readers have asked. Though we haven’t yet reached an official spokesperson, we do know, based on an approved zoning amendment last summer, that David Weekley Homes plans to build 17 townhomes on the 1.9 acre tract.

David Weekley Homes, based in Houston, has developments all over the country. The company recently has started showing a strong presence in Lake Highlands, with the Villas of Lake Highlands, located on Plano near Northwest Highway, and planned townhomes inside the Lake Highlands Town Center, which is practically across the street from the Skillman Church land.

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Sidenote, because I know of one other David Weekley development that borders a cemetery (in far far east Dallas), I wondered if property near cemeteries is cheaper or harder to sell than those with more distance from the dead. Redfin, a real estate analysis site, actually did a study in 2013; it shows homes near cemeteries, while they take a little longer to sell, actually sell at higher prices. Although, since Weekley homes are typically inside large gates, walls or fences, it’s probably a moot point.

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We will let you know once we learn more about this new development.

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  • obamaniac

    Oh no! 17 high-end townhomes! Hopefully the real estate values aren’t contingent on a lily-white cloistered elementary experience. Otherwise, they may only sell to DINKs.

  • Jared Heath

    MPE is already over crowded. We are at capacity and have people who are transferred out.

  • KelLil00

    LH Dad – My daughter graduated from MPE in 2013. When she was there the enrollment was probably 450, maybe 475. Classrooms were added to MPE in 2014 and current enrollment is 560. I’m pretty sure MPE is at or near capacity. And as LHMom said, we’re neighbors, so maybe we could be a little nicer.


    @LH Dad – We are all neighbors here, right? Wow.

  • LHhomeowner

    LH Dad—-Merriman Park has had overcrowding. Hence all those portables many years ago and the expansion we went through, at least once. Numbers shift.
    Maybe you didn’t live in Lake Highlands then.
    At least if they build homes here, one side of the development will be quiet.

  • LH Dad

    Let’s overcrowd Merriman Park Elementary… See how they like it…