Lake Highlands High School 50th anniversary in pictures

A blast of an anniversary party left some participants pretty pooped : Photo by Danny Fulgencio
A blast of an anniversary party left some participants pretty pooped : Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Lake Highlands High School celebrated 50 years, and did it big—from a mayoral proclamation of Lake Highlands High School 50th Anniversary Day and renowned-alumni visits to Wrangler, Highlandette, Folklorico, band and choir (to name a few) performances … and food trucks. Advocate photographer Danny Fulgencio was on site to capture the magic. For an in-depth look at the high school and surrounding community over the years, check out Carol Toler’s series, here. Also enjoy this Storify compilation from the big day. Click on any image for an enlarged slideshow view.

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  • stuart

    OK, you make a good point about Instagram ruining filters for everyone else. However, I still think filters like this are inappropriate in a journalistic context. You should be representing reality, not altering it. Maybe on one or two it would have been fine to set the mood.

  • Instagram filters are very random and used without focus or intention, just to look trendy. I am sure the intention behind the LHHS 50 Anniversary photos’ adjustments was to convey that this was a day dedicated to delving into history — of the school and the community — thus a vintage effect was employed. I suppose Instagram has made it practically impossible for photographers to use adjustments in an artistic or conceptual way without being accused of being trendy or Instagram-ish, which is unfortunate, because, in my opinion, it sometimes is a warranted and interesting technique. OK – that’s the last I’ll say on the topic. I just wanted to inject this final insight. There you have it. As you were …

  • stuart

    I have to agree with Lhgrad01. Leave the retro-filters to the instagram kiddies.

  • Thanks, Frank. Our photographer spent his whole Sunday there and worked really hard to make the images special; I am sure he appreciates the support. He did not attend LHHS but he says the event made him nostalgic nonetheless! I hope most readers will appreciate the extensive amount of content we’ve posted over several weeks leading up to the celebration — it is a compilation of memories and histories that make the school worth celebrating. I hope everyone will check it out:

  • Loved the pics… and the filter… and the random shots. I got the story! Thanks Christina for the pics, I couldn’t be there so your pictures were a great substitute. No disappointment here.

  • Lhgrad01

    What a horrid filter to put on those images. And what random images those were… You needed to tell more of the story. Not show some guys foot
    In cast. I’m incredibly disappointed.