Crime reports: tire stabbing, vehicle registration fraud and drug-dealing parents

A spattering of this past week’s skullduggery — including theft, vandalism, domestic kitchen-utensil stabbings, an altered registration tag (something the law apparently takes super seriously), remarkably bad caregivers and more. (Click links for full police reports).

A 44-year-old woman says she did grab a kitchen fork and stab a man who was visiting her at her Ferris Branch apartment last week, but only after he punched her more than 10 times. Officers at Medical City hospital tried to talk her into going to a women’s shelter, but she refused.

A red, pink and maroon-colored 2001 Dodge Ram truck abandoned on Estate Lane March 4 turned out to be stolen from Denton, TX. Damage to steering column and driver-side door was evident. It was towed to the auto pound at Casa View.

Cuc Tran, 27, and Ezra Brigham, 33 were arrested with guns and drugs and kids in their Richland-area apartment
Cuc Tran, 27, and Ezra Brigham, 33 were arrested with guns and drugs and kids in their Richland-area apartment

Two far north Lake Highlands apartment dwellers last week were arrested on drug charges. Police reportedly found 1,200 grams of marijuana and 4.6 grams of cocaine, five assault rifles and a loaded revolver with ammo and two children ages 9 and 12 in the home near Richland College. The Morning News reportthat the children went to stay with a grandmother.

Monday afternoon, police stopped a driver traveling eastbound on McCree when they noticed something unusual about his registration tag. Upon closer inspection they determined that the date on his expired vehicle registration tag had been altered to reflect renewed registration. Apparently, tampering with and falsifying your vehicle tags is a very big no-no. After determining that the driver was indeed the vehicle owner, police arrested him. The offending sticker was peeled, seized and placed in the Lew Sterrett property room.

On the afternoon of March 5, a woman returned from shopping at Lowe’s on Northwest Highway to find her vehicle vandalized and her purse, Garmin, cash, CDs, clothing shoes and house keys stolen. Surveillance cameras captured images of a light tan or silver minivan park next to the complaintant’s car. The video revealed that when the suspect broke the car window, an alarm went off, after which he returned to his van and drove away, circled the parking lot and returned to the car to steal everything inside.

At about 5 p.m. Monday 48-year-old Edith Henry returned to her car after shopping at Lochwood shopping center on Garland Road she reportedly witnessed someone stabbing her tires with a knife. The suspect then fled in a silver Chevy.

From Fox4 News
From Fox4 News

All disturbing indeed, but we’ll end on a cheery note: A group of young ones were featured on Fox 4 yesterday after staging a lemonade stand to raise funds for Officer Joshua Burns, who was shot and injured in the line of duty near Richland College a few weeks ago. This Friday the community hosts a cookout to benefit Burns and his family. Make plans to drop by the Northeast substation anytime between 10:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m.

Also, don’t forget, the Lake Highlands Area Improvement Association will host a Keeping Kids Safe meeting with guest Deputy Chief Andrew Acord, commander of the Northeast Division March 27 at 7 p.m. at the Dallas Children’s Theater.

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