Richardson ISD considers adding fall holidays in 2014-’15, asks district residents to weigh in

educationRichardson ISD is considering changes to the 2014-2015 calendar; administrators are requesting input from staff, students, parents and community members.

Two options are under consideration for the 2014-15 student academic calendar. “Both meet the state-required number of instructional and staff development days,” district representatives note, “and each begins the school year on the fourth Monday in August, which is the earliest start date permitted by the state.”

Option A: Stick to the current 2013-14 Student Academic Calendar in terms of holidays and staff development days.

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Option B: Add two additional holidays the week of Thanksgiving, resulting in a full week off for Thanksgiving Break. This option would remove Fair Day as a staff holiday and make it a staff development day to provide one of the additional days during the week of Thanksgiving. It also would move the staff development day from the Monday immediately following Spring Break to the week of Thanksgiving to provide the second additional day. Fair Day would continue as a student holiday under both options.

To weigh in on the potential changes, respond to this brief survey. Your survey key is:  SsQPXYQsWsPsPsP

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  • WRE Dad

    So I guess the RISD Board voted on this back in early December and Option B- The week long break at Thanksgiving won out… I don’t recall getting any information from RISD that this had been decided upon.

    (Quick review of my e-mail did show that something was mentioned in Dec 10 School times newsletter that was e-mailed out. This was during ice storm week and message was lost amongst school cancellation notices… Does it bother anyone else that RISD sends a ‘weblink’ and not the actual newsletter???)

  • RISDmom

    I so disagree and have kids actually in RISD, not college – I’d much rather move those 2 days to end of year and omit Jan. 19th and May 25 holidays and get out May 29. The school year is way too long, we are on fumes from mid-May on. I’d also choose a fall break instead of Thanksgiving break. We are 3 weeks out from having a big long Christmas break – would much prefer the breaks to be more spread out whether or not we schedule a trip.

  • Terri Busse

    So agree with Carol Toler. We too have a kid in college (Ole Miss) who gets a full week at Thanksgiving and as a family we LOVE IT and she does too. Never did have the option when our kids were in school of a full week at Thanksgiving but always wished we had and if we had kids still in RISD today we would be voting for Option B. Kids return to school in August after summer break and get a long weekend over Labor Day. Also felt from an academic stand point, kids (all ages) seem to ‘check out’ so to speak before holidays. Felt more could be accomplished learning wise if no fall break in October. If your kids participate in school activities (football, band, soccer, volleyball, fall theater, basketball, fall baseball, etc.), chances are you aren’t leaving town for a family vacation in October anyway. We have never had the luxury to live in the same town as our family so having the opportunity of spending more time with relatives during the holidays would have been a blessing. Agree with Carol as well regarding downside but seems with any fall break might still have the same issue with sitter, daycare.

  • Carol Toler

    I never knew the benefits of having the entire week off until my first born went off to Mizzou, where Thanksgiving holiday includes all week. It turns a hustle-bustle holiday into the relaxed, appreciate-your-blessings event it is supposed to be. And it makes travel much safer. You can take your time while driving or schedule flights for off-peak (cheaper) times. Much more enjoyable.
    Downside? Working moms gotta find a sitter for two days and stay-home moms lose two days of valuable prep time, running errands sans children getting ready for Thanksgiving meals and holiday travel…

  • WRE Dad

    Would have preferred option C which would have made the Columbus/Fair Day a full-week ‘Fall Break’… Nobody is really going to take a full-week vacation over Turkey day… Guess the true ‘Fall Break’ would never happen because of our glorious High School football tradition… Other parts of the nation get this break…